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Whole Garment Machine
Jul 19, 2017

Controlled by the computer program

the use of program control, the use of high-quality materials and superb processing technology, with Taiwan's computer parts and electrical components, for a wide range of raw materials, automatic weaving gloves, gloves, labor insurance gloves, Protective gloves, and its indicators are similar to foreign advanced models comparable 

The main features are: one, full computer program control

keyboard operation, any set of fabric size, and second, easy to operate, stands high, labor intensity Low, easy to learn, simple operation, the third, the use of frequency conversion technology, the machine running smoothly, stable performance, the four, mosaic needle bed, sinker device, the fabric more flexible and comfortable, the fifth, Bad, motor overload and other self-stop protection device to reduce the loss of knitting, the sixth, a short circuit protection to ensure the normal operation of the machine