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Metallic Leggings Jeans Machine

Metallic Leggings Jeans Machine

Metallic Leggings Jeans Machine SPECIFICATIONS Diameter:4" 4-1/2" Gauge:20G-32G Needle number:240-400 needles Knitting system:4 feeds Power:1.8KW Voltage:380V+10% Frequency:50/60HZ Electric current:8.5A


Metallic Leggings Jeans Machine


Diameter:4"  4-1/2"


Needle number:240-400 needles

Knitting system:4 feeds


Voltage:380V+10%  Frequency:50/60HZ

Electric current:8.5A

Programming input:lnput by USB

Actuator:Air-powered actuator.1-3 feeds with one piece 16 sections actuator.2-4 feeds with one piece 8 sections actuator

Speed:maximum 900RPM

Stitch density: The stitch density of fabric is adjusted by the cylinder,stitch cam and sinker cam.


Net weight:350Kg

Product Features:

Waist belt: The waist belt lifting device is pneumatically controlled and has two working positions. When knitting the waist belt, it is in a high position. When weaving, it is in a low position, and the height can be fine-tuned manually.

Scissors: Scissors can be lifted and lowered pneumatically. When the yarn is not sheared, it can be automatically alarmed. When the yarn is accumulated, it can also be cleaned by blowing air to reduce the failure rate of the machine.

Density adjustment device: The density triangle has two working heights. It is pneumatically controlled to move up and down. Manual adjustment can be performed and the consistency of the fabric density is good.

Cylinder lifting device: The needle cylinder is controlled by a stepping motor. The density of the fabric can be greatly adjusted. The height of the cylinder determines the basic value of a fabric density.

Lubrication device: The use of mechanical oil supply, the operation of the machine will be refueling. Due to the high speed of the stocking machine, the machine must be constantly refueled during rotation to control the temperature rise of the machine and reduce the wear of the machine.

Air source processing system: With water removal, pressure adjustment, undervoltage alarm function.

Yarn feeding device: Four groups of feeding devices. Each device has 4-6 feeding bobbins, and each feeding bobbin has at least two working positions. With a pneumatic shuttle, each shuttle assembly can have two working positions, high and low. Yarn shuttle can also move left and right to facilitate yarn feeding and embroidering. The entire weaving shuttle can be flipped for easy maintenance.

Drop hood: a stepper motor adjusts the position of cams and adjusts the density of the fabric. It is mainly used to achieve the take down width for knitted rib pattern.

Dial jacks: controlled by the solenoid valve to avoid needle missing caused by the floating of the old stocking machine coil when knitting waist belt pattern in the case of high-speed operation.

Pulling torsion-proof device: It adopts suction-type pull and has simple structure, uniform pulling force on fabric, no damage to fabric fiber properties and anti-twist device. In the weaving process, the fabric is not twisted into a twist shape, and the fabric can be prevented from damaging the long wall when the fabric is rubbed, which effectively improves the surface quality of the fabric.

Manual device: adopts a folding structure to facilitate maintenance operations. The pneumatic control limit protection ensure that the manual operation is not enabled during the operation of the machine; or when the manual operation is used, the operation of the machine cannot be performed electrically.

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