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The working principle of knitting machine
Jul 20, 2017

Knitting machine is a double needle plate tongue needle weft knitting machine.

Its triangular device is like a set of flat cams, the needles of the needle can enter the groove of the cam, move the triangle, forcing the needle in the needle plate needle groove for a regular movement, and through the needle hook and the action of the tongue

The needle in the process of rising

the coil gradually withdraw from the needle hook, open the tongue, and exit the needle hanging on the needle bar; knitting needle in the process of falling, the hook hook hook the new pad of yarn, and pull

At the same time the original coil is out of the needle hook,

the new coil from the old coil through, and the old coil in series, a large number of woven knitting into the coil string to form a knitted fabric.

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