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Jul 19, 2017

1. Bracket parts

Such parts generally have shafts, bushings and other parts, in the view expression, as long as the drawing of a basic view coupled with the appropriate section and dimension, you can put its main shape features and local structure expressed. In order to facilitate the processing of the map, the axis is generally placed according to the horizontal projection, the best choice for the axis of the vertical line position.

2. Pan parts

The basic shape of these parts is flat disc, generally have end caps, bonnet, gear and other parts, their main structure is generally a rotating body, usually with a variety of shapes of the flange, uniform round hole And ribs and other local structures.

3. Forklift parts

Such parts are generally fork, connecting rod, bearing and other parts. Because of their changing processing position, in the choice of the main view, the main consideration of the working position and shape features. The choice of other views, often need two or more of the basic view, and also use the appropriate local view, cross-section and other expression methods to express the local structure of the parts.

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