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How to extend the life of industrial washing machines
Jul 19, 2017

First, the first is to pay attention to the daily maintenance:

① in a laundry cycle should be cleaned up after the button collector to reduce the burden on the pump to prevent the pump block, to extend the life of the pump. After every three laundry cycles, the cilia collector should be cleaned to increase the flow of air during drying and shorten the drying time. Reduce the adhesion of cilia on the recovery condenser, and reduce the corrosion of the recovered condenser;

② Check the pneumatic three components every day, the water discharged to prevent the water into the electromagnetic valve and valve, making them prematurely damaged. When the oil level is insufficient to add lubricating oil to ensure that the bearing lubrication sufficient to extend the bearing life.

Second, followed by the stage of maintenance (usually every month for a stage):

① Check the tension of the industrial washing machine belt to ensure the normal washing speed and drying speed, check the belt wear, timely replacement. Check the PH value of the polyester solution, if found PH value is reduced, should be adjusted to prevent the dry cleaning machine corrosion, thereby extending the life of dry cleaning machine.

Third, the annual maintenance work can not be ignored. (Annual industrial washing machines need to be thoroughly maintained):

① thoroughly clean attached to the cold coil, hot coil and air flow within the cilia, in order to improve the efficiency of drying recovery, reduce dirt on the machine corrosion.

② discharge and clean oil and water separator to ensure the normal separation of oil and water.

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