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Common knowledge of machinery
Jul 19, 2017

Limit deviation: 

limit deviation is the upper and lower deviation of the general term. 

Dimensional Tolerance: 

The difference between the maximum limit size and the minimum limit size, or the difference between the upper deviation and the lower deviation, is called the dimensional tolerance.

Tolerance belt

that the size of the parts relative to the basic size of the allowable range of changes, known as the tolerance zone. The tolerance zone consists of two parts of the size of the tolerance zone and the tolerance zone. The tolerance zone is determined by the standard tolerance, and the position of the tolerance zone is determined by the basic deviation. The shape tolerance zone has four elements: shape, size, position and direction. 


Mating is the positional relationship between the holes with the same basic dimensions, the holes and the axis tolerance. With the gap can be divided into the gap with the interference with the transition with the three categories.

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